“Albert” is a 5 minute long animated short film. It deals with one of the biggest social problems: loneliness and the related psychological mechanism and the possible change of the individual. These individuals have their own solutions to their seemingly small problems… if they dare to face them.


Our protagonist is the pitiful Albert who has to wake up every morning to the ringing of his dear wife’s cell phone. It takes him quiet an effort to get down from the second floor, while his wife continuously agitates him to get her the phone. The situation is further complicated by the fact that both of the wife’s phones are in the same bag and either one or the other starts to ring. Instead of finding the phones, he manages to uncover a few odd items, for example a baseball bat, a chainsaw, and the guardian of the bag, a Chihuahua. After a fierce fight the dog almost kills him and takes his arm off, he is forced to come up with a final solution: He jumps into the bag. After much peril, he finds one of the cell phones which he proudly brings to his wife. But by the time he gets to her, the cell phone is uncharged and instead the other phone, still lost in the bag, starts to ring. Albert cannot handle it anymore and attacks his wife… who might not be who she seems.


Albert is a completely average, contemporary person. He is the kind of man who could be our neighbor. The only problem he fights everyday and effects his life is loneliness, although he has a perfectly worked out plan how to deal with and how to end to this state.