When the idea of the short animated story titled “ALBERT” first came up in 2008, all of us worked at the same animation studio, but a couple of months before we had already decided to make an animated movie on our free time. By then we had 4-5 years of experience with animation and were aware of the years of work a movies production would take. In spite of that we all agreed on one thing: we should all strive for the best quality possible.

Director Csaba Bardos – www.csababardos.com – has almost a decade of experience with feature animation. Among other projects, he worked as a background artist and as a 3D generalist on teams responsible for Captain Sabertooth, La Reine Soleil and Velveteen Rabbit. It’s not long ago that he finished the low-budget movie, Micropolis, a full-length animated feature as a director. Others in the team core are Karoly Seiner and Szabolcs Sinka, both 3D-artists currently working on animated advertising at Ionart Studio – www.ionartstudio.com, and the team of people surrounding them who sacrificed their free time to make this movie are Balazs Farkas as director of animation, Ildiko Czipa, Bea Ujj, Balazs Nagy, Csaba Mali, Kati Seregi and Ferenc Petrovics as animators and Gergely Molnar as 3D-artist.

We would like to thank everyone on the team, and would like to extend our thanks to the composer Laszlo Pirisi, one of the key musicians in Momentan and actor Peter Linka whose selfless help was crucial for the making of this film. Exceptional thanks goes to our sound engineer, Gabor Erdelyi JR., and Peter Kaiser, responsible for the infrastructure, for their work…

…and above all many thanks to our family for the patience!